Closing again is not an option

Register your customers in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 guidelines

Privacy first

We believe privacy is a fundamental value. Your visitors data will be deleted after 14, 21 or 30 days

QR based. No app required

Just a QR code, easy as pie!

Fully customizable

You decide how the form looks like. Texts, buttons and colors!

GDPR compliant

Data protection? We got this covered!

Branding friendly

Add your logo, your fonts and your colors


We will display the form based on your customers language

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How it works

Contactless tracing in 4 steps

1. Guest Scans QR Code

We provide a unique QR code and URL that you print out and put on your door, on menus, tables or nearby. Guests check-in by scanning the QR code as they enter.

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2. Guest fills in the form

They will optionally fill in their contact details. After filling it the form the visitor can be redirected to your digital menu.

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3. You manage the data

In case of being contacted by the government you can provide a detailed report of the guests you received.

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4. Guests data is deleted

You decide for how long you want to keep your guests data. Depending on your country regulations you may choose 14, 21 or 30 days.

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